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How to Download Music and Ringtones on your iPhone with iOS 6

Apple is the best phone in terms of number of applications. Finding such useful programs as is a matter of few. With music, it's a little more difficult. All new iPhone by Apple features LTE (Long Tem Evolution) which is a wireless high-speed data transmission feature with the capability of transferring up to 100 megabits per second.

Most of the music streaming services use ‘adaptive bit rate. In other words, the music bit rate increases with the increase in the speed of the internet connection. So more the data transfer rate, the more will be the clarity of the music. With the availability of LTE feature, the best of music clarity is assured. iPhone can download music at the rate of 100 megabits per second (Mbps).

All new iPhone from Apple Inc features 16:9 interface which allows running of HD movies. You can also watch streaming videos on YouTube via the YouTube application which is needed to be downloaded separately as it doesn’t come in-built. Adding to it is the power of A6 processor which loads music application programs (apps) 1.9 times faster than they did on iPhone.

How Download Free Ringtones to iPhone Step-by-step instructions

This has allowed developers of music application programs (apps) to add more graphics and other features in the application programs without increasing the loading time of application programs (apps). Senior vice president of Marketing of Apple Inc. Phil Schiller explained the power of A6 processor which helped music application programs (apps) to load faster at half the time as compared to the time taken by application programs (apps) in loading in iPhone.

Further, A6 processor has also increased the response time of the touch. Time lag between tapping the screen and hearing the sound of touch has almost declined fifty percent. On iPhone, you will able to able to trace your favorite music application programs (apps) very quickly without using the search feature through 5th row of application programs (apps) on the screen.

How to download Free Music to your iPhone Step-by-step instructions

iPhone also features more powerful battery as compared to battery in iPhone 4S. It means you can have more hours of music playing.

iPhone features 3 microphones and they are placed: one on front, one on the back and on the side of the phone. Now, you can record sounds with surround sound. Further, these microphones give better music experience.

New version of iTunes adds to the music feature of iPhone. It automatically extracts music files after downloading it. It also features 10 Bands equalizer and visualizer and has the transfer feature where the music and videos files get transferred to MAC, PC and iPod. You can also customize the cover art and lyrics and it also features Smart Playlists option.

In the end, we can say that Apple’s iPhone is really amazing and the users are enjoying each and every feature of it. The only thing, they need is complete knowledge about this exciting as well as thrilling device.

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