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Basics of Composition: Elements and Techniques

Speech elements:

dialogue (polylogue);


lyrical digressions (the author's word, not concerning the development of the plot or characters' images, abstract reflections on a certain topic).

Speech elements buy essay in 3 hours are the speed of perception of the text. Dialogues are dynamic, while monologues and lyrical digressions (including first-person descriptions of the action) are static. Visually, a text without dialogues seems unwieldy, awkward, unreadable, and this is reflected in the composition. Without dialogues, it is hard to perceive - the text seems drawn out.

A monologue text is like a cumbersome sideboard in a small room - it relies on many details (and contains even more of them), which are sometimes difficult to make sense of. Ideally, in order not to weigh down the composition of the chapter, the monological (and any descriptive text) should take no more than two or three pages. And in any case not ten or fifteen, they just few people will read - will skip, look diagonally.

Dialogues, on the contrary, consist of emotions, easy to understand and dynamic. At the same time, they should not be empty - only for the sake of dynamics and "heroic" experiences, but informative, working on the plot and revealing the image of the hero.


Retrospective - scenes from the past: a) long episodes revealing the characters' image, showing the history of the world or the origins of the situation, can take several chapters; b) short scenes (flashbacks) - from one paragraph, history homework help often exceptionally emotional and atmospheric episodes;

short stories, parables, fairy tales, tales, poems - optional elements that interestingly diversify the text (a good example of a compositional fairy tale is Rowling's Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows); chapters of another story in a composition "novel within a novel" (Mikhail Bulgakov's Master and Margarita)

dreams (premonition dreams, premonition dreams, mystery dreams).

Inserts - this is an off-subject elements, and remove them from the text - the plot does not change. However, they can scare, laugh, alarm the reader, prompting the development of the plot, if ahead - a complex series of events.

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