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Spirit Flight Booking

To make your booking, select whichever dates work best for you (including several days later if there’s a popular time period not yet showing) as well as which time of day works best (based on length of layovers). If there are multiple planes listed per trip then compare fares because prices will vary depending on which plane is used. Prices are shown before tax so round them to get a final cost—round up to $1 on low-priced tickets and down to $1 on high-priced tickets. For example, say you were searching for two roundtrip flights between Dallas and Fort Lauderdale in September 2022 priced at $129 with all other options remaining equal. Your total cost would be about $180 since travel deals usually end at 3 am Eastern Time when 10% sales tax comes into play. For long trips, look at total full fare, which includes everything including airline incidentals like food or seat selection; add these costs back onto your final number after sales tax was added.

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